CSF Farm

Breeders of Jumper Bred Hanoverians &
Miniature Hereford Cattle


We are a small family run farm specializing in breeding Hanoverian horses for the jumper ring. Of course Hanoverians are known for their talent in multiple disciplines so our horses are capable of doing more than just jumping.  Although our focus may be the jumper ring, we also look for stallions that have 3 good basic gaits and a wonderful temperament to compliment each of our mares individually.

Our foals spend the first two weeks of their life being in a stall at night before they are kicked out 24/7 unless weather is extremely foul.  We believe that this is a healthier way for them to live and grow.  The foals are handled from birth and are touched and led daily right from the start. 

We have just over 212 acres of property with roughly 150 acres being accessible to our animals.  These include our horses and pony as well as our growing herd of Miniature Herefords.  We switched over to the mini Herefords in early 2010, and so far we've been very happy with the results.  Our goal is to have the largest herd in Ontario.  Our flock of chickens has been narrowed down to French Black Copper Marans, Crested Cream Legbars, and crosses of the two, Olive Eggers. We will be trying out a few other breeds along the way. We raise pigs for slaughter annually and are considering starting to breed them on a small scale.  Also on our potential list is a flock of sheep.  :)  Our fruit/nut tree population will be growing again as we make our way towards being a self-sustaining farm.

UPDATE:  We are expecting 2 Hanoverian foals in 2018 by the wonderful stallion Schwarzenegger. Plans are also set with our 2019 foals with one mare fulfilling a custom foal order. Both Bianka and Sydnee have moved on to their new home and we hope Logan and Viktor will find their new partners shortly. Bugsy has left us for some training and will make a stunning show pony.


 Site Last Updated:  March 10th, 2018